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About time to share?

Time to share aims to connect small, start up businesses with the knowledge and experience of people who have worked in their industries for years, and wish to carry on sharing their skills through retirement.

We aim to break negative stereotypes surrounding ageing, as well as giving those who want to share their knowledge and skills, a platform to make connections, meet businesses and volunteer their time.

The platform is designed to be easy to use for those who may have age related problems, or be unfamiliar with technology. Simply sign up, input your skills and we will automatically match you up with businesses looking for your expertise.

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Why volunteer?

Meet new people and share a lifetime of knowledge. You could impart necessary information about your industry to a team of people who are just starting out and your skills could help a growing business reach success.

Meet new people

Meet new people who share your professional interests

Share and learn

Share your knowledge and experience and learn new skills through collaborating with others

How does it work?


When you join Time to Share you will be asked to input some profile information, work history and skills.


Based on your profile, you'll be given a list of businesses that match your skills and interests. From there, you can pick the businesses which interest you and begin a chat to see if they're the right fit for you.

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Why register as
a small business?

Signing up to the Time to Share platform would allow you access to a lifetime of knowledge and skills. Find people with the skills you need for your growing business, get advice and reach success.

When you join the platform you will be asked to enter some details about your business and the kind of skills you require to create a profile for your company. Once your profile is finished, colunteers will be able to start a conversation with you to ask questions and hopefully arrang a placement.

As well as gaining valuable skills for your business, you’ll help to keep an older person connected. Many older people do not view themselves as old, nor do they want to retire. The Time to Share platform aims to break stereotypes about older people, as well as giving them an opportunity to share the skills and experience they have developed over a lifetime.

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Our Story

The main idea behind the Time to Share platform is to bring knowledge, skills and experience that older people have cultivated over a lifetime of work to Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's).

There is a prevailing stereotype that older people are less efficient and productive in the work environment - however our research shows that many older people do not feel as if they are ready to retire and would not classify themselves as "old". For many of our respondents, their jobs represented their way of feeling useful and part of wider society, and described their working life as adding "purpose" or even adding "years to their lives.

We believe that sharing information between older people and fledgling SME's is the key to long term benefits for both older people and SME's. The SME's will receive a lifetime's worth of experience and skills and in return older people will have the fulfillment of volunteering their skills and stay connected with society. It's time to share.

To fulfull this ambitious goal, time to share will provide four services:

  1. A skills matching service: The skills matching service allows our users to input their skills and find an SME who needs their time.
  2. Sensors and self-report data gathering: The platform can be integrated with sensors which can gather cognitive information about the user such as their visual limitations.
  3. Adaptable Decision Making Service: Using the Sensor data, the system should automatically select the best configuration for the user, especially those who suffer from age-related problems such as poor eyesight.
  4. A collaborative and adaptive workspace: A fully customisable workspace for the user

Project Partners

Time to Share is cofunded by the AAL Joint Programme (Ref.AAL-22013-6-131) and the following National Authorites and R&D programs in Spain, Cyprus, Nederlands, UK and Romania.